Design Process Behind Arke Logo

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Arke is a tool for Instagram. It’s a hashtag keyboard that helps speed up the time content creators spend typing out their hashtags. Keeping their hashtags organized and able to quickly import new lists.

When it came to the branding I decided on the name Arke as she is the twin sister of Iris, the messenger to the Gods. Arke was the messenger to the Titans. It was a fun play on mythology.

To design the logo I went through the ideas of the sharp lines of the letter A. A messenger generally having wings in Greek Mythology. It had to be something that could be seen on a small app icon.

Arke Draft process

The hashtags felt too on the nose. The Sharp A with wings really spoke to me as something that stood firm but was elegant. Ready to take flight. Helping you spread your message to the world.

Arke final logo